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June 22, 2010 / sophiiathomas

Revelations Down Under…

It is interesting to note what one takes away from traveling. Throughout my adventures I’ve begun to learn what it is that I truly love and appreciate about my travels. While seeing new cultures and hearing new languages is far beyond fascinating, what really captivates me is how I am able to see my own culuture and society in a different light. We are raised to thinkĀ certain ideas and concepts. Growing up we are taught what our culture believes to be “right” and these then become our norms. However, through traveling we are able to see ways in which other cultures operate, through that we are able to reevaluate our orginal thoughts about what is “normal”. In the end, if we are lucky, we are liberated from what society has taught to be right, and we are left with our own experiences to guide us and aid us in determining what we, as an individual, believe to be right.

The Blue Mountains: New South Wales, Australia


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